Horizontal construction engineer army

What does a horizontal construction engineer do in the army?

Horizontal construction engineers use bulldozers, cranes, graders and other heavy equipment to move tons of earth and material to complete construction projects for the Army .

Do horizontal construction engineers see combat?

Army Horizontal Construction Engineers are sometimes delegated to combat engineer missions. It is possible to get caught in the middle of action while building fighting positions, fortifications, or roads.

How much does a horizontal construction engineer make?

Horizontal Construction Engineer Salaries

Job Title Salary
US Army Horizontal Construction Engineer salaries – 3 salaries reported $60,974/yr
Army National Guard Horizontal Construction Engineer salaries – 2 salaries reported $5,538/yr
U.S. Army Reserve Horizontal Construction Engineer salaries – 1 salaries reported $10,982/yr

How long is AIT for 12n?

Job training for a horizontal construction engineer requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and nine weeks of Advanced Individual Training. Part of this time is spent in the classroom, and part takes place in the field with on-the-job instructions.

What is horizontal construction work?

Horizontal construction , often referred to as heavy civil construction , is often associated with structures that are longer than they are tall. To put it simply, horizontal construction encompasses bridges, roads, highways, railroads, airfields, and other structural projects that focus on transit.

Do combat engineers fight?

” Combat engineers work with all assets and augment Army forces.” We do anything we can to help out in a fight and make sure our infantry forces can make it across.” In support of counter-mobility operations, Sappers place obstacles to slow, direct, or prevent the movement of enemy forces.

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What is a 12n MOS?

In the Army, military occupational specialty ( MOS ) 12N is horizontal construction engineer. These soldiers use bulldozers and other heavy equipment to help complete construction projects. In other words, horizontal construction engineers help pave the way for their fellow soldiers.

How often do 12n deploy?

The five year is the period the unit is deployed for mission. Many units and soldiers are deployed more often if they have critical skills or during periods of active combat. During the height of the Iraq war the rotation rate was 2 years off for 1 year on.

What is 12c in the army?

An Army Bridge Crewman (MOS 12C ) is responsible for providing bridge and rafting support for their platoon. Bridge Crewmen are extremely skilled engineers that are relied on ground infantry and other divisions to construct quick yet safe bridges.

How much a construction engineer makes?

Contact Details

Wages* Low (5th percentile) Average
Starting $23.60 $37.83
Overall $34.38 $51.38
Top $37.73 $73.33

What is the difference between horizontal and vertical construction?

Vertical construction leans primarily on the private sector whereas horizontal relies on government, state, and municipal funding.

How long is AIT for engineer?

14 weeks

Where is 12w AIT located?

Fort Leonard Wood

What is the MOS for combat engineer?


What Mos is 88m?

Motor transport operators are primarily responsible for supervising or operating wheel vehicles to transport personnel and cargo. They are the backbone of the Army National Guard’s support and sustainment structure , providing advanced mobility on and off the battlefield.