Construction of the erie canal

When was the construction of the Erie Canal?

Erie Canal’s Economic Impacts The Erie Canal opened on October 26, 1825 . A fleet of boats, led by Governor Dewitt Clinton aboard the Seneca Chief sailed from Buffalo to New York City in record time—just ten days.

Who was responsible for the construction of the Erie Canal?

Governor DeWitt Clinton

What were the challenges of building the Erie Canal?

When the Erie Canal workers reached the Montezuma marsh in 1820 towards the northern part of the canal , engineers from the American Society of Civil Engineers report that “malaria and pneumonia thinned their ranks and difficult geo- technical conditions slowed their progress.” Unfortunately for these laborers, this was

Is the Erie Canal man made?

Credit for this entrepreneurial attitude is due, in part, to a nationally-significant treasure: the Erie Canal . Built between 1817 and 1825, the original Erie Canal traversed 363 miles from Albany to Buffalo. It was the longest artificial waterway and the greatest public works project in North America.

How many Irish died building the Erie Canal?

By the time the canal opened in 1838, 8,000 Irish laborers had succumbed to cholera and yellow fever. Over the following decade, the canal was enlarged and shell roads were built alongside it.

Will the Erie Canal open in 2020?

2020 Navigation Season Effective Thursday, September 17, 2020 , all locks and lift bridges on the Canal system will operate daily between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. The Canal system is scheduled to close to navigation at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 .

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How deep is the Erie Canal now?

Fast Facts

Canal dimensions, 1825 Original Erie 4 ft deep x 40 ft wide; locks 90 ft long
Canal dimensions, 1862 Enlarged Erie 7 ft deep x 70 ft wide; lock 110 ft long
Canal dimensions, 1918- present Erie Barge Canal 12-23 ft deep x 120- 200 ft wide; locks 310 ft long
Cost to build $7,143,789

How long did the Erie Canal take to build?

8 years

What two bodies of water does the Erie Canal connect?

Erie Canal, historic waterway of the United States, connecting the Great Lakes with New York City via the Hudson River at Albany.

How many times was the Erie Canal enlarged?

The Erie Canal’s success was part of a Canal -building boom in New York in the 1820s. Between 1823 and 1828, several lateral Canals opened including the Champlain, the Oswego and the Cayuga-Seneca. Between 1835 and the turn of the century, this network of Canals was enlarged twice to accommodate heavier traffic.

What tools did they use to build the Erie Canal?

The work was to be done using horses, mules, wagons, wheelbarrows , hand tools, and thousands of Irish laborers. Ingenuity also played its part. They invented the stump-puller, an ingenious device that enabled six men and a team of horses to pull and remove thirty to forty stumps in a day.

How does the Erie Canal lock system work?

Erie Canal locks consist of two sets of Miter-V gates to form the chamber and contain the water , underground tunnels for the water to flow in or out and tunnel valves (they resemble guillotines) to open or shut the water flow through the tunnels. The lock chamber and floor is made of concrete.

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Is Erie Canal still in use today?

Nearly 200 years old and still going strong. Today , pleasure boats, kayaks and canoes, and commercial vessels share the waterway. The NYS Canal System includes: Cayuga-Seneca Canal , which connects the Erie Canal to 92 miles of canalized rivers and lakes, including the Seneca River and Cayuga and Seneca Lakes.

When did they stop using the Erie Canal?

Erie Canal
Construction began July 4, 1817 (at Rome, New York)
Date of first use May 17, 1821
Date completed October 26, 1825
Date restored September 3, 1999

Can you still travel the Erie Canal?

Erie Canal Locks Open for 2018 Season Going through a lock is one of the unique experiences of traveling along the canal . Each of the Erie Canal’s 34 concrete locks measures 328 feet long by 45 feet wide, with lifts ranging between 6 feet (E-25, Mays Point and E-26, Clyde) and 40.5 feet (E-17, Little Falls).