Which of the following platform(s) provides a modular architecture?

Which of the following platform S provides a modular architecture Mcq?

Platform for java script. Provides a modular architecture . API for Client application development. Cannot customize the visibility of a transaction.

Which platform could gain its best use case?

Which platform could gain its best use case from financial service industry? Options Are: 1) Hyperledger . 2) Ethereum.

Is popularly known as DLT with a difference?

Answer. Hyperledger is popularly known as DLT with a difference .

Which computational model does r3 Corda use?


Who is founder of Hyperledger fabric?

Hyperledger Fabric was initially contributed by Tamas Blummer (DAH) and Christopher Ferris (IBM), as a result of the first hackathon. Who has contributed to Hyperledger Fabric?

Which platform could gain its best use case from financial service industry in block chain?


Is Cyptocurrency is the only use case of Blockchain?

Answer. The answer is false. Cryptocurrency is not the only use of blockchain . Blockchain is used in various other sectors such as finance, government and non-profit sectors for multiple applications like banking, insurance, voting, education and more.

Where can you buy a Cryptocurrency Brainly?

Buying a cryptocurrency is as easy as buying products online. Coinbase, for example, is an accessible interface to buy crypto with fiat (fiat = paper currency like dollars or euro). In Coinbase, users need to create an account and verify identity. After that, they can buy with their debit card.

What is the meaning of DLT?

Distributed Ledger Technology

What are the two types of nodes in Hyperledger fabric?

There are three types of nodes : Client or submitting-client: a client that submits an actual transaction-invocation to the endorsers, and broadcasts transaction-proposals to the ordering service. Peer: a node that commits transactions and maintains the state and a copy of the ledger (see Sec, 1.2).

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What records all the transactions in a Blockchain?


What are the two types of transactions in r3 Corda?

There are two basic types of transactions : Notary-change transactions (used to change a state’s notary – see Notaries) General transactions (used for everything else)

Is r3 Corda Permissioned?

Corda is a permissioned blockchain which gives the control of Governance to R3 and the organisations participating in the transaction. Corda supports smart contracts. The virtual machine selected for contract execution and validation is the Java Virtual Machine.

Is Corda based on ethereum?

Cryptocurrency. Corda does not come with any native currency as is the case with Ethereum .