Director of enterprise architecture

What does a director of architecture do?

What is a Director of Architecture Job Description? This position functions as the development leader between numerous technical, operational, legal and regulatory processes that are associated with project planning and development completion.

What are the six basic elements of enterprise architecture?

The six basic elements of an EA documentation method were presented: the EA documentation framework, EA components, current EA views, future EA views, an EA Management and Transition Plan and multi-level threads that include security, standards, and workforce planning .

What are the roles and responsibilities of enterprise architect?

The enterprise architect role An enterprise architect is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of an organization’s IT networks and services. It’s a role that requires strong communication and analytical skills to ensure that business units have the right tools to be successful.

What is a chief enterprise architect?

Summary. The focus of the chief enterprise architect’s role is to ensure that the business strategy, along with any relevant trends, is expressed in the enterprise’s processes and systems. A major goal of this role is to facilitate change in a way that maximizes its value and minimizes the associated “pain.”

Can architects be project managers?

All construction professionals such as civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers, quantity surveyors, and architects have important roles in the construction process. Among these, architects are frequently appointed as a project manager (PM). The role of a PM will drive the success of the projects implementation.

Do architects get paid well?

Architects typically earn an annual salary of $80,750, which is a median wage of $38.82 per hour. California, New York, and Texas employ the highest number of architects in the country. The demand for architects should increase by 1% between 2018 and 2028.

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What are the four typical domains of enterprise architecture?

The Enterprise Architecture Reference Traditional Model offers a clear distinction between the architecture domains (business, information/data, application /integration and technical/infrastructure). These domains can be further divided into Sub domain disciplines.

What are the five areas of enterprise architecture?

The enterprise architecture model comprises five architectural components: Organizational Architecture , Business Architecture , Information Architecture , Application Architecture , and Technological Architecture .

What is the best enterprise architecture framework?

Top 10 Enterprise Architecture Frameworks TOGAF’s ADM . Zachman . Gartner’s Enterprise Architecture Method. Federal Enterprise Architecture ( FEAF ) Dept of Defence Architecture Framework ( DoDAF ) Australian Government AGA. SABSA – Enterprise Security Architecture. Business Architecture Body of Knowledge (BizBoK)

Who does an enterprise architect report to?

An enterprise architect is someone who is responsible for making sure that a company’s business strategy uses proper technology systems architecture to achieve its goals. Enterprise architects have an enormous degree of responsibility, and typically report directly to the chief information officer (CIO).

What makes a good enterprise architect?

Creating digital innovations and executing business strategy demand the collaboration of people from across the organization, and even beyond it. “As an enterprise architect , to provide real value to your organization, you must be able to bring people together in whatever way works, and help them collaborate.”

What should an enterprise architect know?

In addition, someone in an enterprise architect role should be proficient in systems thinking, strategic thinking, project management, IT governance and operations, and project management skills, as well as extensive hardware and software knowledge, says Upwork’s Pearson.

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How do I become an enterprise architect?

To become an enterprise architect , you typically need a bachelor’s degree in information technology or similar field and several years of relevant work experience. Many enterprise architects earn a master’s degree in enterprise architecture to receive specialized field instruction.

How much does a chief architect make?

Chief Architect Salaries

Job Title Salary
IBM Chief Architect salaries – 17 salaries reported $148,649/yr
AOL Chief Architect salaries – 7 salaries reported $201,171/yr
Lockheed Martin Chief Architect salaries – 5 salaries reported $162,420/yr
Visa Inc. Chief Architect salaries – 5 salaries reported $195,737/yr

What is the role of a chief architect?

In information technology (IT), a chief architect is a c-level executive whose job is to look closely at how IT functions can be centralized so that departments across the company can work together seamlessly. The chief architect may also be called the enterprise architect (EA).