Should i get a home inspection on new construction

Do you need a home inspection on a new build?

It is always great to have a home inspector that is on your side. Although the city does look into the structural, mechanical, and electrical components prior to signing off on a new home , being proactive will help to locate any major deficiencies that could have been missed.

When should you get a home inspection on new construction?

With a new construction home , it’s wise to have two or three inspections on the property . The first inspection is called a foundation or “pre-pour” inspection and occurs just before the foundation is poured on the home .

What should I look for in a new home inspection?

Open for Inspection checklist: 10 things to check before buying a house Check for water stains, corrosion and mould. Assess ceilings for sagging. Look inside the cabinets in all wet areas. Check the walls for large cracks. Check for mould in bathrooms and bedrooms. Check the internal wall plastering for fine cracks.

Should you hire your own home inspector?

It is the buyer’s responsibility to choose a home inspector . Buyers should keep in mind that in most areas, there are many inspectors to choose from, and a short list will be leaving out a lot of qualified inspectors .

Will a new home builder pay closing costs?

Today, many builders offer incentives to the buyer in the form of either upgrades to the house or credits given at settlement that help reduce the closing costs . Often, in order to qualify for these offers, the builder may require that you use its in- house or affiliated closing agent.

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How long should a home inspection take?

about 2-2½ hours

What is a blue tape walk through?

A Blue Tape Inspection is part of the process of building a new home. The buyer and the builder representatives will do a walk – through of the home looking for incomplete items or items that require additional attention, repair, or correction. These items are marked with a piece of blue painter’s tape — hence the name.

How much does a buyers home inspection cost?

Hicks says buyers can expect to pay at least $400 for a home inspection from a reputable company on an average 2,000-square-foot home. However, the price can easily push to $500 or $600 -plus if you have a larger home or need additional inspections, such as mold or termite, which aren’t typically included.

What things fail a home inspection?

Dave Swartz Faulty wiring. Roof problems. Heating/cooling system defects. Plumbing issues. Inadequate insulation and ventilation in attic. Whole house is poorly maintained. Poor drainage around the structure. Air and water penetrating cracks and window perimeters at exterior.

What is the first thing to do when moving into a new house?

Soon, you’ll finally be ready to sit back, pop open the champagne, and celebrate your new house . Do a Walkthrough. Child/Pet Proof (if Necessary) Figure Out What’s Going Where. Make Sure That Your Utilities Are Set Up. Locate the Fuse Box and Water Valve. Do a Deep Clean. Prioritize Repairs. Change Your Locks.

How long does a new home walk through take?

Take your time Depending on the size of the home , a final walk – through can take anywhere from 15 minutes for a small home to more than an hour for a larger property.

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Do Home Inspectors pay realtors?

The inspector is paid by and works solely for you, the buyer — in theory. However, if the inspector and agent have a strong work history, their relationship may feel more like a partnership, leaving you as the secondmost important party in this venture.

Do Home Inspectors work for Realtors?

Should You Use Your Real Estate Agent’s Recommended Home Inspector ? A common question for home buyers is whether they should trust their real estate agent’s recommendations for a home inspector . In most cases, the answer is yes, you can trust your real estate agent to refer a qualified, ethical home inspector .

What if a home inspector misses something?

The inspector may be liable if he missed something on the inspection checklist. His liability will be outlined in the contract, which may hold him financially responsible for fixing the damage. If you think something was missed that should have been caught, contact an attorney.