How to make a cornucopia out of construction paper

How do you make pilgrims out of construction paper?

How to make a Pilgrim Hat Bonnet Begin with a sheet of white construction paper – 11 x 17. Fold along the line. Apply Sugar Glue and fold down. Along the bottom – measure 5 1/2 inches from the left side, and then another 5 1/2 inches – then measure up 3 inches at each of those marks. Cut along the lines.

What can you use instead of construction paper?

Card stock is much sturdier than construction paper . It retains its color much better over time, although — like all papers — it will eventually fade when exposed to UV rays if it’s not sealed and varnished with a UV protectant.

How do you make a monkey out of construction paper?

Cut four long strips from the brown construction paper . Fold four brown strips into accordions. Glue the four accordions on the back of the large and medium circles to form arms and legs. Glue two wiggle eyes on the small tan circle.

What is a Pilgrims hat called?

The capotain is especially associated with Puritan costume in England in the years leading up to the English Civil War and during the years of the Commonwealth. It is also commonly called a Flat Topped Hat and a Pilgrim hat , the latter for its association with the Pilgrims who settled Plymouth Colony in the 1620s.

Is construction paper hard?

Construction paper : Soft, rough, and often brightly colored, it’s not as stiff as cardstock but still good for kids’ pop-up cards and other 3D crafts.

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What weight is construction paper?

Virtually all construction papers are described as “heavyweight” paper, and they range in basis weight from 65 to 80 lb .

Which paper is used for craft?

Crafting Paper Types Chart

Type Paper Weights
Watercolor Paper Medium/Thick: 90–300 lb. (245+ gsm)
Rag Paper Medium/Thick: 90–300 lb. (245+ gsm)
Adhesive Paper Medium: 20 lb., 60 lb. (75, 90 gsm)
Foil Paper Medium/Thick: 30 lbs, 45 lb., 60 lb.

How do you make a monkey for kids?

Step by Step Easy Monkey Drawing Tutorial Draw an elipse shape (no need for it to be perfect). Draw a m, or like you would want to draw a heart or a number 3. Next draw a round outline for the head. Draw two ears. Now come the facial details. Draw a round shape under the head for the body. And one inside the first one.

How do you make a monkey puppet out of a paper bag?

How to make the Monkey Paper Bag Puppet : Print the Monkey Puppet Printable. If your child is old enough, have him/her cut out the shapes. Take your brown paper bag . Fold the sealed end down, creating a front flap. Let your child glue the monkey shapes on to the brown paper bag . On the top folded flap: