Free standing deck construction

Do freestanding decks need footings?

While freestanding decks of any size can be built without footings that extend to the frost depth (R403.

Can you build a freestanding deck?

Some older houses may be built with uncertain wall construction that may not be strong enough to support a deck addition. These decks can be built freestanding using an additional beam and posts situated next to the house wall.

Can I build a deck directly on the ground?

Floating decks can be set directly on the ground or, preferably, a bed of gravel. But it’s best to support the deck on concrete blocks. This keeps the wood off the ground and away from moisture so the wood stays drier and lasts longer.

Is a floating deck a good idea?

ADVANTAGES OF A FLOATING DECK In addition to not requiring a building permit, floating decks are far easier and faster to build than elevated decks . They also don’t require frost depth footings and don’t need handrails because they’re so close to the ground.

Are freestanding decks safe?

A freestanding deck , built on posts so that a 1-inch gap separates it from the house, allows water to drain with no damage to the house. However, the posts need cross-bracing to keep the deck from wobbling. “From a durability standpoint, freestanding decks are the way to go.”

Do I need to attach deck to house?

For my money, I’d consider building an attached deck right next to your house , on proper footings, but which is free-standing and not actually connected to your home . That way, you’ll avoid any problems of water infiltration in your home . If your deck is attached to your home , you will need one.

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How many footings do I need for a 12×16 deck?

3 footings

How much does a 12×12 deck cost?

Cost To Build A Deck By Size

Deck Size Square Feet Average Cost
10×10 100 $1,500 – $3,500
10×12 120 $1,800 – $4,200
12×12 144 $2,160 – $5,040
12×20 240 $3,600 – $8,400

Does Home Depot Design decks?

Yes, Home Depot has deck design program called BIG HAMMER. Design with our The Home Depot and you’ll be able to share your saved designs with a The Home Depot ® store associate. The Home Depot ® offers experienced support to perfect your designs and all the materials you’ll need to build!

How do I build a simple deck?

Step 1: Create your deck plan! Step 2: Place the deck footings. Step 3: Cut and lay your joists. Step 4: Re-bury those deck piers. Step 5: Prep your deck wood. Step 6: Waterproof the bottom of your deck planks. Step 7: Lay your decking planks. Step 8: Add end-caps.

Why does my deck wobble?

One reason for a wobbly deck may be that the floor joists are spanning too great a distance. The easiest way to correct this problem is by installing a support beam and posts under the joists to cut the span in half.

Why does my deck shake?

If your deck gets a case of the shakes when you walk across it, there’s probably no reason for concern. Still, in some cases, the deck movement puts extra stress on the fasteners and connectors.

How do I attach a 4×4 deck?

The quickest and most secure way to mount a wooden 4×4 or 6×6 deck post to an existing deck surface is via an OZCO Post Base Kit or a Titan Post Anchor . Both of these items provide a solid, powder-coated steel connection point for your wooden post to attach to surface below.