Wiring under cabinet lighting new construction

How do you hardwire under cabinet lighting?

Then, follow these steps for installation: Disconnect the power. Locate the correct breaker and turn off the power supply to the switch outlet where you’re going to connect the lights . Attach the lights . Cut the wall. Run the wire . Run the cord. Connect the lights . Wire the switch. Cover your work.

What is the best lighting for under kitchen cabinets?

LED lighting

How do I hide the wires under my kitchen cabinets?

One of the simplest solutions to unsightly under – cabinet wires is using a cable protector. You can secure the wiring into one bundle with tie wraps and adhere it to the cabinet’s underside with staples. The wiring length itself should extend directly from the light to the wall.

Where do you put under cabinet lighting?

When mounting any fixture under a cabinet , position it to the front. If there is a lens, face it toward the backsplash. The bottom-front rail of the cabinet should hide the fixture from your line of sight, whether you’re standing or seated. If it doesn’t, consider extending the rail with a narrow board or trim piece.

Where do you put a transformer under cabinet lighting?

1) Put the transformer inside the junction box behind the wall, with the low voltage wire running through the drywall and to the lights . 2) Attach the transformer underneath the cabinet , with the black/white green wire running through the drywall and into the junction box.

How do you design under cabinet lighting?

Rules of Thumb for Undercabinet Lighting Locate the fixtures at the front of the upper cabinet . Use lensed fixtures (and avoid bare LED light tape) to reduce glare from polished countertops. Use the longest fixture that fits to provide even light across the entire counter. Match the color temperature of the downlights.

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Why can’t under cabinet lights be on a dimmer?

Wireless under cabinet lights can be dimmed but that is typically done with a remote control. For now, the majority of these come in the form of puck lights . You need to have the remote control handy to turn on the lights and to dim them. Hard wired under cabinet lights have more flexibility when it comes to dimming .

How do you hide under cabinet lights?

Under Cabinet Lighting Concealment Options STRAIGHT VALANCE MOULDING. This is most common light valance option. LIGHT BOX MODIFICATION. The light box cabinet modification can be built into your upper cabinets , which is used to house and conceal wires and under cabinet lighting . RECESSED FLOOR WALL CABINETS . Another option is called the recessed floor option.

What kind of wire do you use for under cabinet lighting?

Although wire size ultimately depends on your light-fixture manufacturer’s specifications , 12-gauge wire is standard for most incandescent and fluorescent under-cabinet fixtures. A basic installation requires a 12-2 NM cable.