What is csi in construction

What is a CSI code in construction?

The 16 Divisions of construction , as defined by the Construction Specifications Institute ( CSI )’s MasterFormat , is the most widely used standard for organizing specifications and other written information for commercial and institutional building projects in the U.S. and Canada.

What is the CSI format?

This format by CSI is the specifications-writing standard for designing commercial buildings and projects in the U.S and Canada. MasterFormat lists numbers and titles, which could be used for data organization about the requirements, products, and activities of construction.

What is a 3 part CSI specification?

CSI’s 3 – Part SectionFormat™ divides each specification document into – you guessed it – three parts : General, Products, and Execution. Within each of the three parts is a standard set of article titles set in a standard order to further organize the specification data.

What CSI division is drywall?

Division 09 – Finishes – Walls, Ceilings and Floors.

What are cost codes in construction?

What are construction cost codes ? Construction cost codes are the defined list of codes that are used for tracking, managing, reporting on the amounts, quantities, budgets, profit and other account information associated with the job.

What is CSI division10?

Division 10 – Specialties Manufacturers Material and product manufacturers relating to Specialties are organized by the product or the material into CSI sections.

What are the different types of specifications?

Four Types of “Specifications ” Product Specification : This describes a manufacturer’s product and its performance without consideration for a particular building. Project Specification : This describes an architect’s design and performance requirements for a particular building. Master Specification : Guide Specification :

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What is Uniformat II?

This report describes UNIFORMAT II , a format for classifying building elements and. related sitework. Elements, as defined here, are major components common to most. buildings. Elements usually perform a given function, regardless of the design.

What are building specifications?

According to the Dictionary of Architecture & Construction a specification is, “a written document describing in detail the scope of work, materials to be used, methods of installation, and quality of workmanship for a parcel of work to be placed under contract; usually utilized in conjunction with working (contract)

What are the CSI divisions?

MasterFormat Divisions Division 00 – Procurement and Contracting Requirements. Division 01 – General Requirements. Division 02 – Existing Conditions. Division 03 – Concrete. Division 04 – Masonry. Division 05 – Metals. Division 06 – Wood, Plastics, Composites. Division 07 – Thermal and Moisture Protection .

What are the three forms of specification?

In every construction project, there are three types of construction specifications. The three types of construction specifications are prescriptive, performance , and proprietary.

What are the three parts of a technical section under the CSI format?

A Section is divided into three Parts ; ” Part 1 – General,” ” Part 2 – Products,” and ” Part 3 – Execution.” Each Part is further organized into a system of Articles and Paragraphs.

What CSI division is electrical?

Division 26 – Electrical Manufacturers.

What CSI division is paint?

Division 09 Finishes is devoted to the basic interior building blocks of a construction project. From walls to paint and ceilings to floors, Division 09 includes the majority of common interior finishes.

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What CSI division is fire sprinkler?

Division 21