Walt whitman bridge construction

How much does it cost to cross the Walt Whitman Bridge?

Toll Schedule

Vehicle Classification Toll
Passenger vehicles, including motorcycles & small trucks 7,000 lbs. and less gross vehicle weight (Class 1 & 2) $5.00
Trucks, mobile homes and recreation vehicles- gross vehicle weight 7,001 lbs. and up per axle $7.50
2 axles $15.00
3 axles $22.50

Who designed the Walt Whitman Bridge?

Ammann & Whitney Modjeski & Masters

Why is the Ben Franklin Bridge closed today?

Camden – The Benjamin Franklin Bridge was closed until further notice Sunday afternoon as civic unrest continued on the streets of Philadelphia. The action, which also closed the bridge’s pedestrian walkway just before 1 p.m., was due to police activity,” said John Hanson, CEO of the Delaware River Port Authority.

How long did it take to build the Ben Franklin Bridge?

4.5 years

How much does it cost to cross the Tacony Palmyra Bridge?

Owned and maintained by the Burlington County Bridge Commission of New Jersey, the bridge has a $4 cash toll and $3 E-ZPass toll for northbound (Pennsylvania-bound) traffic.

How many cars cross the Walt Whitman Bridge daily?

Walt Whitman Bridge
Opened May 16, 1957
Daily traffic 120,000
Toll $5.00 (westbound) (E-ZPass) No toll for eastbound vehicles going from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.

How old is the Walt Whitman Bridge?

63 c. 1957

What color is the Walt Whitman Bridge?


When was Walt Whitman Bridge built?

August 1, 1953

How many bridges does Philadelphia have?

The Bridge Section’s inventory consists of over 320 structures, including pedestrian bridges , culverts, and stairways, which have won over 35 local and national awards for exceptional engineering.

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How many people died building Ben Franklin Bridge?


How high is the Ben Franklin Bridge from the water?

41 m

How long is the Benjamin Franklin Bridge?

2,918 m