State of decay 2 knowledge of construction

How do you get knowledge of construction in state of decay 2?

Construction is a skill just like gardening, mechanics, etc. You can learn it with a skill book or wait until you find a survivor with it that’s either from an enclave you recruit from or finding a random survivor in need.

How do you gain knowledge in state of decay 2?

You might get a survivor that already knows it but if you don’t, you need to teach it. This can be done easily by finding the Computers textbook. It will clearly state what it’s for, and you’ll be able to use it right from the character’s inventory to teach them the skill.

What does metalwork do in state of decay 2?

When your survivor reaches level 7 with their Craftsmanship skill, you can specialize it in one of it’s two specializations: Construction or Metalwork . Both specializations are available for each survivor. Metalwork .

Level 7 +15% All Weapon Durability Knowledge of Craftsmanship Knowledge of Metalwork

How do you get the knowledge of medicine in state of decay 2?

It can be provided by one of the survivor’s Traits or can be taught to them with a Medicine Textbook. Medicine and it’s specializations can be improved at Infirmaries and the Field Hospital with the appropriate Facility Actions, or by using Medicine Textbooks.

What are the best skills in state of decay 2?

State Of Decay 2 : The 5 Best Skills (& 5 Worst) 1 Worst – Medicine. Counter to real-world beliefs, if players prepare well, the medical skill is a dead weight that takes up another valuable spot. 2 Best – Chemistry. 3 Worst – Political Science. 4 Best – Lichenology. 5 Worst – Metalwork. 6 Best – Driving. 7 Worst – Cooking. 8 Best – Fishing.

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Where are all the skill books in state of decay 2?

There are actually a couple of ways that you can get the State of Decay 2 Skill Books . The first is an obvious one but from scavenging locations. It is entirely possible but also unlikely that you can come across a book while looting houses and such. It is also possible to gain one by buying them from survivors.

What is the best base in state of decay 2?

State Of Decay 2 : The 10 Best Base Locations, Ranked 3 KNIGHT’S FAMILY DRIVE-IN. 4 WHITNEY FIELD. 5 SQUELONES BREWING COMPANY. 6 CAMP KELENQUA. 7 CONTAINER FORT. 8 BRIDGE FORT. 9 LUMBER MILL. 10 FORTIFIED TRUCK STOP. First up is the Providence Ridge area and arguably the best base there with the perfect positioning is the Fortified Truck Stop.

What does Lichenology do in state of decay 2?

Lichenology is the second-best one as it frees up Meds outposts to be used as Ammo or Food outposts instead.

How many skills can you have in state of decay 2?


How many skills can a survivor have state of decay 2?

five skills

What is close combat in state of decay 2?

Close Combat is a feature new to State of Decay 2 . Close combat ensures that survivors are never without a weapon. All survivors have close combat weapons on them at all time. Players can choose to have their survivor specialize in close combat as their melee specialization.

How do I make a first aid kit in state of decay 2?

It requires 3 jugs of ethanol, 25 spare parts and 3 medical supplies. In turn it will create 2 first aid kits .

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How do you level up skills in state of decay 2?

Use the left stick to scroll down, then highlight the skill and press A, allowing you to then specialize that skill and gain more abilities . To check how to level up these skills in State of Decay 2 , simply read the little info box when you’ve highlighted a skill and it’ll tell you what needs to be done.