Road construction interstate 65

Is there road construction on I 65 in Indiana?

After two and a half years of construction , the $143 million I- 65 Southeast Indiana Project is mostly complete with some work continuing at the State Road 11 interchange through November. A reduced speed limit of 65 mph is in place from the 54-mile-marker to the 56.5-mile-marker during that construction .

Where does Interstate 65 begin and end?

Its southern terminus is located at an interchange with I -10 in Mobile, Alabama, and its northern terminus is at an interchange with I -90, U.S. Route 12 (US 12), and U.S. Route 20 (the Dunes Highway) in Gary, Indiana, just southeast of Chicago.

Is Interstate 70 closed in Indiana?

The Indiana Department of Transportation will close Interstate 70 for about 30 days in each direction this month in order to use the lull in traffic to work on construction projects on the highway, the agency said Monday. Interstate 70 westbound from I -465 to the North Split will close on April 23, INDOT said.

IS 465 in Indianapolis open?

All improvements from this project are now open to traffic. Several improvements were completed to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion at I-65 and I- 465 on the southeast side of Indianapolis . These improvements included: Replaced the I- 465 westbound to I-65 southbound loop ramp with a new two-lane flyover ramp.

What year was I 65 built in Indiana?


Is there construction on I 70 in Indiana?

The construction will start with the closure of all lanes and ramps of eastbound I-70 from the North Split to Interstate 465 on the east side of Indianapolis. That work is scheduled to be completed on May 13 . The westbound route will close on April 23 and is scheduled to reopen on May 23 .

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How long did it take to build Interstate 65?

The 1.8-mile stretch cost $1.3 million to construct over an 18-month period (starting in May 1957). Within the Volunteer State, Interstate 65 underwent reconstruction and expansion north of the central business district of Nashville between early 2001 and late 2004.

How many miles is Interstate 65?

1,428 km

Does I 75 go through mountains?

I- 75 enters the East Tennessee region following the Tennessee Valley from Georgia, all the way through Knoxville to near Rocky Top, then climbs into the Cumberland Mountains before crossing over into Kentucky at Jellico.

What interstate is closed in Indianapolis?

Interstate 70

How long will I 70 be closed?

2020. The eastbound I- 70 loop to northbound I-435 has been closed until Dec. 2020.

Where is 70 closed Indianapolis?

Interstate 70 will close for about 30 days in both directions from Downtown Indianapolis to Ronald Reagan Parkway, just past Indianapolis International Airport. The full closures on the city’s west side follow separate full closures of the same interstate on the east side that are already underway.

How many miles is 465 around Indianapolis?

53 miles

What year was Interstate 465 built?


Where is the construction on 465?

The project area along I- 465 stretches from 2.4 miles west of I-69 at the White River bridge to 2.2 miles south of I-69 at the I- 465 bridge over Fall Creek Road. The project limits along Binford Boulevard are from 0.8 miles south of the 75th Street intersection to the I- 465 /I-69 interchange.