Pcl industrial construction co.

What does PCL Construction do?

PCL is a group of independent construction companies that carries out work across the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and in Australia. These diverse operations in the civil infrastructure, heavy industrial, and buildings markets are supported by a strategic presence in more than 30 major centers.

Where is PCL Construction Company located?


How many employees does PCL Construction have?

Holding the title of the largest general contracting organization in Canada, PCL employs more than 4,500 salaried employees and 10,000 tradespeople across the company.

Who is the owner of PCL Construction?

​Taking Ownership George and John Poole and then-CEO Bob Stollery created the employee ownership model to encourage loyalty, entrepreneurial spirit, and stability in a difficult industry. Now, 40 years later, over 90 percent of PCL’s nearly 4,000 full-time, salaried staff are employee shareholders.

Is PCL Construction a good company to work for?

PCL was a great company for me. We had many amazing projects and traveling was very exciting. I got to be a part of some impressive builds, and learned a lot about the commercial construction industry. Thank you for your contributions to making our projects a success.

Is PCL a good company to work for?

PCL does have a good compensation structure if you are in it for the long term and invest in the company via shares. The management team is open, friendly and provides strong communication. Relocation is often required for advancement within most roles, however the company does assist with this.

Who is the biggest construction company in Canada?


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How big is PCL?

ABOUT PCL CONSTRUCTION Together, these companies have an annual construction volume of $7 billion, making PCL one of the largest contracting organizations in North America. Watch us build at PCL .com.

Is PCL a union?

EDMONTON – Unionized employees of PCL Builders Inc. The two-year agreement, between PCL Builders and 450 members of the Construction Workers Union , CLAC Local 63, took effect Jan. 1.

What is the meaning of PCL?

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Whats PCL stand for?

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