How to make sun prints with construction paper

What is Sun print paper made of?

Cyanotype, also referred to as “blueprinting”, is the oldest non-silver photographic printing process. It involves exposing materials which have been treated with a solution of potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate to a UV light source such as the sun .

What is sun sensitive paper?

The Sun Sensitive Paper is coated with light – sensitive chemicals, which react to light waves and particles when exposed to light . When you place objects on the paper , they block the light and turn white while the paper around them remains blue. Water stops the process and fixes your images on the paper .

What can you use instead of construction paper?

Card stock is much sturdier than construction paper . It retains its color much better over time, although — like all papers — it will eventually fade when exposed to UV rays if it’s not sealed and varnished with a UV protectant.

What is the best paper for cyanotype?

Papers to use for cyanotypes Winsor and Newton cartridge paper. Canson Montval . Daler Rowney cartridge paper (2 days later) Daler Rowney Cartridge Paper. Winsor and Newton Cartridge paper. Daler Rowney Cartridge paper. Canson Montval Watercolour paper. Fabriano 5. Produces a deep blue print but tones to what I consider to be a nasty shade of pink.

Why are Cyanotypes blue?

Cyanotype is the photographic printing process discovered by Sir John Herschel, a scientist, in 1842 as a means to reproduce diagrams. It creates a cyan blue silhouette when an object is placed on a reactive surface and develops in UV light – a blueprint.

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Who invented Sun prints?

Cyanotype printing is a process using sunlight or UV light to develop the chemically treated paper. Cyanotype was invented in 1842 by Sir John Herschel, but they were first used as a photographic process by Anna Atkins.

Can you photograph the sun?

Most any color camera, such as a DSLR or mirrorless camera can capture a pleasing white light image, so you can use pretty much any camera you already have. Solar photography is easy but great care must be taken when pointing any telephoto lens or telescope at the Sun.

How do you create a sun flare photo?

How to Photograph Sun Flares : 14 Tips for Beginners Try various aperture settings. Use Aperture Priority Mode. Partially hide the sun . Move around and take lots of pictures . Try using some filters. Shoot during different times of day. Divide the sun with your camera. Use a tripod and a remote shutter release.

Where should the sun be when taking pictures?

There’s one answer that’s almost always correct: Place the sun at the subject’s back. Here’s why. First, if you position your subject so they’re facing the sun (i.e., the sun is behind the back of the photographer), then your subject will be looking right at the sun !

What is photo paper called?

Photo paper may refer to: Photographic paper , paper coated with light-sensitive chemicals, used for making photographic prints. Inkjet paper designed for high-quality photographic prints when used in a suitable inkjet printer.

What is Sunography?

Sunography paper uses natural sunlight to produce unique and beautiful prints. You can place any object or transparency onto a piece of Sunography paper, expose it in bright sunlight and rinse it to reveal a rich, Prussian blue print. Sunography paper is made from high-quality, cotton-based, white watercolour paper.

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What is light sensitive paper called?

Photographic paper is a paper coated with a light – sensitive chemical formula, like photographic film, used for making photographic prints. The light – sensitive layer of the paper is called the emulsion.