How to make an elf hat out of construction paper

How do you make a simple elf hat?

Directions for DIY Felt Elf Hat Start by making a paper pattern for your hat . Cut out your triangle. Use scissors to round off the bottom of your triangle. Fold your large piece of green felt in half. Cut around your pattern. Fold your green felt again (if you unfolded it to check the shape).

How do you make a Santa Claus hat out of construction paper?

STEPS 1 Make a half-circle. Draw and cut out a half-circle with a radius of 9-10 inches (diameter 18-20 inches) on red construction paper . 2 Create a cone. Form the half-circle into a cone. 3Glue cotton at the base. Glue cotton all around the base of the cone. 4Glue cotton at the tip. 5Wear the hat .

What color are elf hats?

Felt Elf Hat with Ears! Great for Holiday Fun! Elf Hat with Ears Christmas Elf Hat Red or Green .

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How do you make a felt Santa Claus hat?

STEPS 1 Make a paper triangle. The first step is to make a hat pattern from paper. 2Tie a pencil to a string. Tape your triangle to a flat work surface. 3Draw an arc. 4Cut out. 5 Prepare a sheet of felt or fabric . 6Trace the pattern onto the fabric . 7Cut the fabric . 8Join the straight edges together.

Where can I buy an elf hat?

Are there different elf on the shelf?

During the Christmas season, the elves are adopted by families and fly back to the North Pole every night to tell Santa about the day’s adventures. How is The Elf on the Shelf ® different from other elves? There are many elves are the North Pole, but only one official Scout Elf approved by Santa: The Elf on the Shelf ®.