How to make a teepee out of construction paper

How do you make a paper teepee?

Instructions Begin by making a cone shape from construction paper . Open it up and use colorful markers to draw Indian symbols such as turtles, bear claws, suns and mountain ranges. After decorating your cones, tape them together, inside and out. Use scissors to snip off a small slanted opening at the top.

What material do you use to make a teepee?


How do you make a small teepee out of sticks?

Step 1: Gather Sticks . Gather some sticks . Step 2: Make Main Support. Take your three big sticks , lay them down together. Step 3: Make a Door. Picture the teepee to be more like a 3 sided pyramid, than a round teepee . Step 4: Make Cross Pieces. Step 5: Add Plants. Step 6: Wrap the Teepee . 7 Discussions.

How do you make a small tipi?

How to Make a Teepee Materials. Step 1: Drill holes in wooden dowels. Step 2: Thread your rope through the dowels, while the dowels are laid flat. Step 3: Measure for your pattern. Step 5: Sew panels together right sides out. Step 6: Hem the top and bottom. Step 7: Sew the dowel slits with the right sides facing in.

How do you make a teepee with sticks?

Put a thick line of glue with a glue stick along one of the straight edges of the paper bag piece and then roll the other straight edge around to glue them together to make a teepee shape. 7. Cut a slit in the teepee to make an entrance and then add some sticks or wood skewers inside the top of the teepee to finish it.

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How do you make a teepee out of a toothpick?

TO MAKE : Roll your paper into a cone and add a strip of glue to hold the cone shape. Trim off the excess paper, and then trim the bottom so it will sit level. Glue three toothpicks into the opening on top to look like teepee poles.

What is a Native American teepee?

Tipi /Tepee/ Teepee is a dwelling type mostly associated with the nomadic Native Americans in the United States. Made from buffalo hide fastened around long wooden poles and shaped like a cone, a tipi / tepee is a Plains Indian home, which could hold 30 or 40 people comfortably.

How do you waterproof a tipi?

Loosely drape the waterproof covering over your tipi . Using metal pegs and a hammer, secure each side of the new covering to the ground. Apply a coat of outdoor fabric waterproofing spray (found at any camping supply store) to the cover for added protection.

How do you make a homemade tent?

For a simple tent , tighten a string between two sturdy points. Throw a sheet over it in an a-frame shape to create a simple, quick setup tent . Add some pillows below, and you’re good to go. For another option, run a dowel under the fabric, then use strings on the end to attach it to the ceiling.

How much fabric do I need for a teepee?

To make your teepee , you will need : This cute teepee pattern. Medium to heavy weight fabric – 4 yards (see below for my notes- I used about 5 yards) Poles per pattern requirements.