Construction project administrator job description

What are the responsibilities of a project administrator?

Project Administrator responsibilities include preparing action plans, analyzing risks and opportunities and gathering necessary resources. For this role , you will work with a team of Project Managers and Project Coordinators, so good communication and collaboration skills are essential.

What skills does a project administrator need?

Project Administrators have advanced computer literacy, communication skills and administrative skills . They manage contracts and process paperwork, and report on variations. They work in a broad range of industries including construction, financial services and management consultancy.

What is Project Administration?

Project Administrators assist with project management duties. They oversee and performing administrative functions concerned with a project . This may include calling contractors, making appointments, ordering supplies, doing site visits and preparing reports. They can succeed project managers.

What does a project administrator make?

How much does a Project Administrator make in Australia?

City Average salary
Project Administrator in Sydney NSW 35 salaries $68,511 per year
Project Administrator in Melbourne VIC 41 salaries $70,121 per year
Project Administrator in Brisbane QLD 15 salaries $68,372 per year

What is the difference between project management and project administration?

PM vs. And therein lies the difference : a PM does these administrative tasks in lieu of having someone else to do them, for the benefit of the project . An admin is doing them because that is, largely, his job.

What is a program administrator?

A Program Administrator plans, directs and coordinates a particular program or service of an organization. Their specific responsibilities vary depending on the organization and industry; Program Administrators can be found in educational, social services, community and non-profit organizations.

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Is administrator higher than assistant?

The role of office administrator covers virtually everything as the role of assistant . The difference being that you’ll have a more robust skill set and able to take on extra responsibilities much more easily. An administrator is often thought of as the heart of any office environment.

IS Manager higher than administrator?

In fact, while generally the administrator is ranked above the manager within the organization’s structure, the two often liaise and communicate to identify policies and practices that may benefit the company and increase profits.

What are the three basic administrative skills?

Conclusion. The purpose of this article has been to show that effective administration depends on three basic personal skills , which have been called technical, human, and conceptual.

How can I be a good project administrator?

An effective project administrator must be comfortable working in a highly busy and sometimes stressful environment, and must be able to contribute as part of a team. They should be organised, detail-oriented, reliable, punctual, be able to multitask, prioritise, and meet deadlines as needed.

What is an administrative project manager?

In an agency with a very large capital budget, Administrative Project Managers are responsible for development, negotiation, and administration of the overall capital budget. In the temporary absence of a supervisor, Administrative Project Managers may assume the duties of that position.

What are administrative needs?

What Are Administrative Skills? Administrative skills are those related to running a business or keeping an office organized, and are needed for a variety of jobs, ranging from office assistants to secretaries to office managers. Employees in nearly every industry and company need strong administrative skills.

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How do I get started in project management?

TL;DR: The steps to becoming a project manager Start managing projects. Keep managing projects. Learn the skills and theory behind managing projects. Use Teamwork to manage your projects. Get better at managing projects. Decide if you want to get a project management certification. Continue to manage projects.

How much does a project administrator earn in South Africa?

A mid-career Project Administrator , Engineering with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of R237,022 based on 63 salaries. An experienced Project Administrator , Engineering with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of R276,204 based on 35 salaries.