Construction precast concrete splash blocks

What is a concrete splash block?

Concrete Block at a gutter downspout to direct water away from your foundation. These blocks help to prevent washout and soil loss around your the base of your home. Constructed of durable reinforced concrete . Designed for placement at gutter downspouts.

How much does a concrete splash block weigh?

49 pounds

Do splash blocks work?

Installing splash blocks under your downspouts may prevent localized erosion, but in fact you are dumping large amounts of water into the loose disturbed soil that surrounds your castle. You are effectively filling the unseen moat! Remember we dug to reach solid soil to support the weight of your home.

Where can I find concrete splash blocks? concrete splash block .

Are splash blocks necessary?

While everyone with gutters has downspouts, not all downspouts will need splash blocks . However, any downspouts that drain above ground, especially near the building’s foundation, needs splash blocks as an added level of protection from water damage.

How far should downspouts extend from house?

To be safe, aim for a 4-foot minimum extension away from a downspout . Use longer extensions to make sure you’re getting all that water away from your home.

How do you place a splash block downspout?

Make sure that your splash block is properly positioned under the drain so that water lands in the middle of it rather than on the edges. Check this over time since the soil does move. If you’re thinking of getting a new splash block , remember that you can choose one for decorative purposes as well.

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How should a splash block be installed?

Splash blocks must be set into the ground; avoid just placing them on top of the surface underneath the downspout . If the splash block is open at one end and closed at the other, the closed off edge should be against the exterior wall or flush with the foundation.