Construction and skilled trades test

What is the cast exam?

CAST is a battery of tests used to gauge an applicant’s aptitude and their ability to learn and process new information which provides an indication of the likelihood of success on the job. CAST consists of four paper-and-pencil tests that take approximately 2 hours to complete.

How many questions is the cast test?


Can you use a calculator on the cast test?

The length of the entire test will be about two hours but you ‘ll only have seven minutes to complete the mathematical usage section. The test is entirely paper-and-pencil based. Do not bring a calculator , dictionary, or anything else for the test .

How do I study for aptitude test?

Practice exam technique and try to become more familiar with the types of test you may face by completing practice questions. Even basic word and number puzzles may help you become used to the comprehension and arithmetic aspects of some tests . WikiJob recommends practising aptitude tests prior to the real assessment.

Who takes the cast test?

WHO TAKES THE CAST ? high school students when they are enrolled in their last science course. High schools have the option to test any or all students in grades ten or eleven as long as all students have been tested by grade twelve.

What is a passing score on an aptitude test?

If a perfect aptitude test score is 100% or 100 points, and your score is 80% or above, it is considered a good score. A minimum acceptable score is considered to be from 70% to 80% .

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How do I prepare for an apprenticeship exam?

Apprenticeship Assessment Tips Research the field you are interested in before you apply for it. Make sure you meet the requirements with relevant skills and experience. Prepare prior to the screening process. Keep cool during interviews. Sell yourself, don’t worry too much about what they think.

What grades take the Caaspp test?

These assessments are to be administered to all students in grades five and eight and once in high school. All students must take the science assessment by the end of grade twelve , but have the option of testing in grade ten or grade eleven.

How is the EEI tech test graded?

The EEI TECH test is either machine or hand graded . The four scores are are all are combined to give a final score , which is believed to be directly proportional to the candidate’s potential at job performance.

What is EEI tech test?

The 5107 Edison Electric Institute ( EEI ) TECH Test is a group of 4 short aptitude tests designed and validated to aid in the selection of candidates for electric utility industry technical occupations. This Guide contains strategies to use for taking tests and step by step instructions on accessing study materials.

What is graphic arithmetic?

The graphic arithmetic test is one of the four tests that make up the CAST exam. It measures your skill and expertise in interpreting visual data and performing basic arithmetic calculations.

Can you fail aptitude test?

Not completing an aptitude test can damage your total score, so making sure you have enough time to answer each question is essential. Spending too much time answering a single question can damage your overall score if you fail to answer easier questions later in the test because you didn’t have enough time.

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How can I score good in aptitude test?

Aptitude Test Advice Test Tip 1: Practice. Test Tip 2: Know your test . Test Tip 3: Don’t get your friends to help. Test Tip 4: Make the most of online tests . Test Tip 5: Realistic simulation. Test Tip 6: Be alert and stay focused. Test Tip 7: Ask for feedback. Test Tip 8: Know when to move on.

What is an example of aptitude test?

Examples of Aptitude Tests A test assessing an individual’s aptitude to become a fighter pilot. A career test evaluating a person’s capability to work as an air traffic controller. An aptitude test is given to high school students to determine which type of careers they might be good at.