Comcast innovation and technology center construction progress

When was the Comcast Technology Center built?

2014 г.

How tall is the Comcast Technology Center?

339 м

How many floors is the new Comcast building?


Who owns the Comcast building?

Liberty Property Trust

How many floors is Comcast 2?

The 1,250,000-square-foot (116,000 m 2 ) Comcast Center has 58 floors , of which 56 are occupiable. The structure of the Comcast Center comprises a central concrete core with steel-framed floors .

How tall is the Empire State Building?

381 m, 443 m to tip

How many feet were the Twin Towers?

541 m, 546 m to tip

When was the Comcast Center in Philadelphia built?

January 2005

How tall is the FMC building in Philadelphia?

The 49-story, 730- foot tall FMC Tower includes 10- foot floor-to-ceiling glass walls allowing for 360-degree panoramic views of the Schuylkill River, Center City and nearby green spaces such as Schuylkill Banks Park and Penn Park.

How tall in feet is Philadelphia’s highest building?

The tallest building in Pennsylvania is currently the 60-story Comcast Technology Center which topped out at 1,121 feet (342 m) in Center City, Philadelphia on November 27, 2017 and opened in 2018. It is currently the 9th- tallest building in the United States.

When was liberty1 built?


How many stories is Philadelphia hall?


Where is the headquarters for Comcast?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States