Balloon frame construction fire

What type of construction is balloon frame?

What Is It? From the late 1800s until about 1940, balloon – frame wood construction was a fast and easy way to construct multi-story homes found primarily in the East and Midwest. The balloon frame uses a continuous wood stud wall member that stretches from the foundation to the attic.

Is balloon framing still used?

Balloon framing is no longer used today, Stack said. It has been replaced by a style called platform framing , which eliminates the problem of void spaces that comes with balloon framing , he said.

How are second floor joists supported when using balloon frame construction?

Timber girts supported the tavern’s second -story floor joists . They were tenoned, pinned, and braced to mortised corner posts. The balloon frame eliminated these elements by nailing a one-by-four-inch board, called a ledger or ribband, into vertical studs that ran continuously to the height of the building.

How do you know if a balloon frame is construction?

If you have buildings like this in your community, then most likely they are of balloon – frame construction . You are faced with vertical channels, the exterior stud chases that are open from the basement to the roof.

When did balloon frame construction stop?

Balloon-frame, which was built from the early 19th century until World War II, poses unique firefighting problems because it lacks horizontal fire stops between the studs inside of the exterior walls. Most balloon-frame homes are two or three stories tall.

Why is it called balloon framing?

These materials were used to build lightweight buildings with nailed frames made of dimensional lumber. It was said to have been called balloon construction because the buildings were so light they looked like they would float away.

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Is balloon framing stronger?

Though not as strong and imposing as a timber frame , balloon frames were eventually regarded as a more than acceptable way to build a house. With wall cavities that are typically uninsulated and run the entire height of the building fire is able to spread quickly and often without notice.

Why is platform framing the norm in most construction?

use in building construction In platform framing , each floor is framed separately, as contrasted with balloon framing , in which the studs (vertical members) extend the full height of the building. Freed from the heavy timbers of the post-and-beam system, platform framing offers ease of construction .

What is the difference between platform and balloon framing?

The central difference between balloon and platform framing is that the studs in a balloon frame extend from the foundation to the rafters, whereas in a platform frame , the studs are independent on each storey. Platform framing enabled a fire break to be included between each floor.

What does balloon frame mean?

1 : a frame for a building constructed of small members nailed together instead of heavy timbers joined by mortises and tenons — compare braced frame .

What is the platform frame construction method?

[′plat‚fȯrm ‚frām·iŋ] (building construction ) A construction method in which each floor is framed independently by nailing the horizontal framing member to the top of the wall studs.

Why is platform framing used more extensively than balloon framing?

Why has platform framing become the method of choice. Balloon framing has less vertical shrinkage from drying out of the wood, while platform framing is easier and safer to erect, uses shorter lengths of lumber for studs, and is automatically firestopped, for which reasons it has become the method of choice.

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What does balloon framing look like?

Balloon framing is a style of wood-house building that uses long, vertical 2″ x 4″s for the exterior walls. These long “studs” extend uninterrupted, from the sill on top of the foundation, all the way up to the roof. Some also assumed this type of framing could only be used in utilitarian, box- like buildings.

What is frame construction type?

Frame —Exterior walls of wood, brick veneer, stone veneer, wood ironclad, or stucco on wood. ( Construction Code 1) Joisted Masonry—Exterior walls of masonry material (adobe, brick, concrete, gypsum block, hollow concrete block, stone, tile, or similar materials) with combustible floor and roof. (

Is house framing hard work?

Framing a house is a daunting task, not for the weak or timid. It is hard , but rewarding work .