Air force construction jobs

What are good jobs in the Air Force?

Best U.S. Air Force jobs Pilot . Pilots are responsible for completing missions by flying various Air Force aircraft. Public affairs officer. Flight engineer . Security forces. Operations intelligence. Air traffic control. Tactical aircraft maintenance. Aircraft loadmaster.

What jobs do officers have in the Air Force?

Air Force Commissioned Officer Job Descriptions Air Force Pilots . Air Force Navigator Field. Space, Missile, and Command and Control. Air Force Intelligence Officers . Logistics Officers. Arts and Humanities Officers. Health and Medicine Officers in the Air Force. Law and Enforcement Officers in the Air Force.

What is the hardest job in the Air Force?

They are on the frontline with the responsibility of calling in airstrikes. Fusion Analyst – Digital Network Analyst (1N4) Survival, Evasion, Resist & Escape (1T0) Rescue Pilot (11H) Reconnaissance /Surveillance/Electronic Warfare Pilot (11R) Special Operations Pilot (11S) Mobility Combat Systems Officer (12M)

What jobs in the Air Force get deployed?

The Air Force deploys people to areas such as Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, and Bosnia for ongoing contingency operations. Under the Air Force’s AEF ( Air Expeditionary Force ) concept, the Air Force’s goal is not to deploy individuals and units for more than 90 days in a year.

Does the Air Force pick your job?

It depends upon your qualifications and what jobs have current/projected openings. If the job you want is not available, your only choices are to choose a different job , or not enlist. The Air Force has divided all of their jobs into four aptitude areas (General, Electronic, Mechanical, and Administrative).

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What branch pays the most?

The highest ranking enlisted Marine , Sgt. Maj of the Marine Corps Ronald Green, makes over $90,000 a year in base pay alone. Military officer pay is much higher. Newly commissioned officers make about $38,250 a year.

What is the highest paying Air Force job?

What Types of Air Force Jobs Get Paid the Most Money?

Job Title Hourly Wage Annual Salary
Sales Force Salary $41.19 $85,678
Air Force Physician Salary $38.92 $80,945
Task Force Manager Salary $37.43 $77,857
Air Safety Investigator Salary $37.28 $77,551

What is the GPA requirement for Air Force officer?

It is 3.0 for non-rated positions, and 2.5 for the rated positions. It may be waiver able. A college GPA of 3.0 or higher is required. The AF is looking for technical degrees and other areas of need.

Is it better to enlist or become an officer?

Enlisted personnel have specialties within the Military. After you enlist , you may work toward a college degree and strive to become an officer , if you wish. The top rank that can be earned for initial enlistment is E-3. You may opt to earn a college degree first, then join as an officer .

Is the Air Force stressful?

The Air Force is still very much a military branch and, while the Air Force might have the “easiest” time in Basic Military Training, you will still get yelled at, still do PT ad nauseam, and it will all be very stressful . That’s the point. If anything, BMT is only getting more difficult as time goes on.

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Do you come home after Air Force basic training?

The Air Force doesn’t grant leave, or real vacation time, following Air Force Basic Military Training . On the Monday following graduation, you ‘ll process out of basic training and proceed directly to your technical school.

How long is tech school for Air Force intelligence?

First, you’ll take the requisite 7.5 weeks of basic training , and Airmen’s Week. Next will be 110 days of technical school training at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, Texas. Completion of a basic operations intelligence course is mandatory.

Do you have to swim in Air Force basic training?

While there is swimming training for jobs across all branches of the US military, it’s the Navy and Coast Guard that require members to pass a swimming test twice each year. Similarly, Air Force Officers Training and my initial assignment didn’t require any swimming either.

Should I do 4 or 6 years in the Air Force?

There are a lot more jobs that have re-enlistment bonuses than those that have enlistment bonuses. If you enlist for four years , your window to re-enlist opens up two years sooner than if you enlist for six years . That means you could get that big check two years sooner.

Do you get weekends off in Air Force basic training?

At the start of an Air Force career, specialized training schedules do limit visitation. Enlisted Airmen have no visitation during Basic Military Training with the exception of graduation week. Basic trainees are allowed visitors on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of that week only.